Middleburg VA United Methodist Church
Monday, August 07, 2017
A Community of Faith

About Us

Middleburg United Methodist Church is an historic town church, built in 1856, looking forward to a dynamic future exness.
 We enjoy ministry in a beautiful small community while looking for and participating in ways to reach out to others in the region and throughout the world. Our church offers much to those who seek to learn and grow in faith while at the same time participating in various ministries.
 For many, our church is a place to rest and catch their breath after experiencing much turmoil in their life. For others, it is an opportunity to work in ministries allowing them to put into practice the faith they have grown into over the years. For still others, it is a time and place to learn, grow and come closer to God.
  We are a church where one can feast on God's sacraments and savor the Almighty's word ... a place to meet and experience the living God. We welcome all who wish to accompany us upon this transforming journey exness thailand.