Middleburg United Methodist Church
Wednesday, August 15, 2018
A Community of Faith

  The United Methodist Women's mission program includes:

GotSneakers helps keep sneakers out of landfills while also putting shoes on the feet of less fortunate people across the world in places such as the Caribbean, Central America, South America, West Africa, and Europe. Many adults and children in these areas are forced to walk barefoot every day simply due to lack of access to affordable footwear. Your old sneakers will make a huge difference.



According to the Virginia Dept. of Education, nearly 10,000 students in Loudoun County are food insecure and of these 2/3 are likely ineligible for food stamps and other programs due to income limitations.  Most of these students are eligible to receive free or reduced cost meals at school during the week but they lose this support on the weekend. These students are hungry for an education, but it is difficult to learn when they are hungry. The UMW helps provide weekend food to children in two area schools.


Every Christmas the UMW works with local schools to provide gifts for children from low income families. Each child receives toys from their wish list in addition to shoes, clothing, and outerwear. This is a UMW sponsored mission in which the whole church participates.



The mission of LAWS is to serve adults and children who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; to empower, inform and advocate for adults and children; to educate the community about domestic violence and sexual assault and to work towards the elimination of personal and societal violence.


 Plus other projects which surface during the year.